Updated Rakefile for dealing with mercurial subrepos

Previously I have described my solution for subrepos in Mercurial. It was working nicely but, a little painfully, because you had to add every single Mercurial command you like to use as Rake task. After little googleing and scratching head I have come with a much nicer and general solution:

desc "Invokes any hg command on every repo."
task "hg:command"
rule /^hg:/ do |t| # rule selecting task starting with hg:
  on_repos("hg #{t.name.sub(/^hg:/, "")}") # 'hg:' is in task name so we have to erase it
end # and that's all folks :D

It is shorter and any command may be used, with any parameters, like:

rake hg:status
rake hg:"revert -a"

and so on. Enjoy!

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