Parsing huge OpenStreetMap's JOSM file using Nokogiri

Background While attending SSJS Devcamp I was having fun with MongoDB and CouchDB. To make some useful tests we had first to gather some data. The plan was to import data into MySQL, next migrate it to NoSQL dbs and then make some tests/comparisons. After a quick brainstorm we decided to create database with places/POIs. The greatest free geo repository I know is OpenStreetMap and they are providing all theirs data for download. Whole repository is really huge (almost 17GiB of compressed data), so we settled for using only Poland data from a nice mirror. Data Format specification is described...

SSJS Devcamp organized by

I have always liked lightweight events, like BarCamp, and have tried to attend most of locally organized ones. At the beginning of this year I have taken part in Poznań Code Retreat that was really great and intense coding experience, and I would love to take part in another one. In June I have received an invitation to a Server Side Javascript R&D Camp organized by It was advertised as a three days long, advanced and practical developers meeting in a nice hotel in countryside. It didn’t take me long to accept the invitation and I was eagerly waiting...

Email notification for multiple Mercurial repositories

Mercurial-server Recently I have discovered the awesome mercurial-server. It gives flexible access control, takes care of file permission (which was problematic in our previous setup) and allows to hide physical path of the repo from its URL. It also offers global configuration file, which can include hooks for all of the repositories. This offers an advantage in setting mail notifications using NotifyExtension. In our previous setup we had included all the options and the template in each’s repository hgrc file. It required us to use some setup script for creating repositories and was somewhat clumsy - there were no feel...

Automatically adding specific files before commit to Mercurial repo

When you create new files, you have to add them manually to the repository using either hg add or hg addremove before issuing commit. If you often create some files you may want not to be bothered by this additional commands. Then you may use hg commit -A which will add all new files automatically. You can even make an alias in your .hgrc so every commit will have the option turned on. But there might be a problem if you have some unnecessary files (like logs) that are not specified in .hgignore. If for some reason you cannot/do not...

Mercurial rollback can cause unexpected data loss

One of import differences between Mercurial and git is that in the former it is very hard to change the history of a repository. It is by design (although it can be ,,bypassed’’ with usage of plugins like MQ) and there are good reasons for it. This gives this warm, fuzzy feeling of security and makes harder to screw up really hard. So I consider it to be a real user-friendly aspect of Mercurial. But recently I was bitten by rollback command which undo last transaction (commit, pull, and some other commands). I use it more often than I would...
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